Pippo Ciorra (commissaire | curator) FOOD. Dal cucchiaio al mondo, MAXXI, Rome, 2015.
Photo : Musacchio Ianniello, courtesy of Fondazione MAXXI

Critical Distances

Lina Malfona
Anyway, our going ahead is a continuous inspecting among things, also minimal — and some would say among fragments of ruins — in order to reveal, to sound out, to understand them, in order to release the words that silence — full of din and interferences — concealed.
Luciano Anceschi1 1 - Quoted in Valentina De Angelis, “L’estetica di Luciani Anceschi,” in Prospettive e sviluppi della nuova fenomenologia critica (Bologna: CLUEB), 9 (our translation).

Recently, architecture seems to have undergone a deconsecration process, a kind of secularization. It is as if it has lost the ability to represent its institutional framework, or its sense of community; in short, architecture seems to have lost its role.

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