Dérives II

Fall 2005

[In French] Esse poursuit la réflexion amorcée au numéro précédent sur le thème de la marche et du déplacement, ainsi que sur les différentes pratiques qui s’y rapportent. Cet axe de réflexion s’ouvre ainsi aux notions qui débordent de la marche elle-même pour tendre vers des lieux symboliques, métaphoriques et psychologiques afin de traiter de la condition humaine, ainsi que des rituels ou des processus de cheminement qui seraient parties prenantes dans l’œuvre créatrice qui en résulte.





Current Issue


We now face a global water crisis. Warning signs are flashing everywhere about the increased desertification of the Earth, the industrial pollution of water resources, and the over-exploitation of aquifers. Faced with such a bleak portrait and the fact that environmental and humanitarian challenges are dependent on economic issues and interlinked policies, which are framed by complex laws, the influence of art is relatively modest. Nevertheless, alongside civic actions that we should actively do, artists can give back to water its symbolic and sacred value. Taking a poetical approach to water, the artists and theorists in this issue navigate between aesthetic forms, activist actions, and metaphor-rich analytical thinking. Adopting a resolutely critical perspective, the articles refer to artworks that try to raise awareness about water pollution and climate issues, envisage a restorative justice, and offer new horizons of hope.