Maude Maris Monument, 190 × 150 cm, 2017. © ADAGP, Paris / SOCAN, Montréal (2021)
Photo : Rebecca Fanuele, courtesy of the artist

Maude Maris draws us into troubled and uncertain worlds. The landscapes she creates reveal a repertoire of forms borrowed from a reality impossible to identify with certainty. Some objects seem familiar, though: ruins, glaciers, fossils, entrails, mummified limbs. Maris draws the subjects of her paintings from her collection of small plaster artefacts cast from found archaeological, geological, classically sculptural, and architectural objects and remnants. She assembles and photographs these objects, before painting them in large-scale format. This shift in scale and identity is disorienting, rendering the viewer incapable of situating the forms in a physically recognizable environment.

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This article also appears in the issue 102 - (Re)seeing Painting

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